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[watch online!] Stream: Sun - Sky Live 20 August 2023

Aug 1, 2023 — The sun sets at 7:54 p.m., PDT. The planet's disk is 62-percent illuminated and 6.6 arcseconds wide, and so most telescopes cannot reveal its ...

" Air quality has plummeted across much of the northeast as smoke from wildfires in Canada moves south. Poor air quality can be hazardous. Make sure you aren’t doing yourself more harm than good. https://t. co/CVx9g8Hm1q pic. twitter. com/aSPUS4LU92— National Weather Service (@NWS) June 6, 2023 Officials expect that winds will continue to blow smoke from the Canadian wildfires toward the Northeast until Wednesday at the earliest.

See 5 planets after sunset, in the sky or via video Mar 30, 2023 — That's where you'll find Jupiter and Mercury. Then look higher in the sky – still looking along the ecliptic, or sun's path – for

Wildfire smoke from Canada helped give the sun and moon a red-orange tint overnight into Tuesday, Mike Bettes, a Weather Channel meteorologist, told CBS News, noting that they appeared red in skies over most of the Northeast while "many other locations around the Great Lakes and Southeast also experienced smoke and vivid sunrises and sunsets. " The Empire State Building, center, shrouded in smoke from Canada wildfires in New York, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images The phenomenon corresponds with a series of air quality alerts that are cropping up again across large sections of the country, which Bettes said are a direct result of northern and northwestern winds blowing smoke from Canadian wildfires into the U.

What's Up: Skywatching Tips from NASA What's visible in the night sky? Get skywatching tips and resources silhouette of people looking at the sky with a telescope Watch the Skies

Where is The Sun? How to Find The Sun in the Sky The Sun is currently in the constellation of Leo. The current Right Ascension is 09h 53m 44s and the Declination is +12° 46'

Sensitive groups, including older adults and children, as well as people with asthma and other preexisting respiratory conditions, are encouraged to limit strenuous outdoor activity for long periods while the health advisory is active. In general, the air quality index measures pollution by the amount of solid and liquid fine particles found in a given airspace, and weather authorities have recognized that the pollution happening Tuesday was linked to smoke plumes from at least 100 wildfires burning across the border in Quebec and Ottawa.

McDonald Observatory Live Streaming Programs Deep Sky Tours. Hosts: Stephen Hummel Kevin Mace Saul Rivera. Our Deep Sky Tours feature live views of some of

states this week came with a series of air quality alerts that impacted millions of people over the weekend and into Tuesday, some living as far west as Minnesota, Montana and Nebraska. The alerts stretched across to the east coast as hazy skies settled over places like Boston. An air quality health advisory was in effect for most of New York State, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which said affected regions included the Upper Hudson Valley, Adirondacks, Eastern Lake Ontario and Central Regions. Alerts were also in effect in parts of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas, according to AirNow, a site that tracks air quality nationally and is operated by the U. Environmental Protection Agency. Officials said air quality was considered "unhealthy for sensitive groups" in places where alerts were issued, but likely would not harm the general public.

Sky Patterns: Sun, Moon, and Stars | PBS LearningMedia Observe the regular, predictable patterns of the Sun, Moon, and stars in the sky in this Permitted use Stream Only Sun in the Sky: Morning to Night.PBS LearningMedia · Mar 7,

"Air quality has plummeted across much of the northeast as smoke from wildfires in Canada moves south, " the National Weather Service wrote in a tweet last month. "Poor air quality can be hazardous. Before spending time outdoors, check the air quality forecast. Make sure you aren't doing yourself more harm than good.

The total area burned in 2023 is roughly the size of Indiana, and it has grown tremendously since just last month, when smoke plumes traveling south into the U. S. turned attention to the fires on a large scale. In early June, officials said wildfires had scorched 6. 7 million acres of land since the beginning of the year.

S., Matt Sitkowski, the science editor in chief at The Weather Channel, told CBS News in June. The smoke has caused the sun and the moon to appear red behind grey, hazy skies, said Sitkowski. Because the color of the sky is determined based on how sunlight interacts with the number and size of particles in the air, it changes with the infiltration of smoke, which introduces more particulate matter into the atmosphere.

Our Star, the Sun Today, the Sun continues to fuse hydrogen atoms to make helium in its core. sets in the west every evening, and shines brightly as it crosses the


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