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[[TV!]<<] Iran vs Hong Kong live online 20/08/2023

Jun 30, 2023 — Asian Kabaddi Championship Final: India vs Iran, match report ... The June 29 fixture between Korea and Hong Kong was postponed to today and ...

Pawan, Aslam and Arjun led the charge for India in the raid to accumulate 26 points in the offence. June 30, 2023 12:40 IND 42-32 IRN Pawan, who came in as a result of Chiyaneh’s mistake, goes in the raid and wastes time but Mohammadreza Kaboudrahangi comes out to give his point as the match comes to an end. June 30, 2023 12:39 IND 41-32 IRN Chiyaneh goes in the raid with just 50 seconds on the clock as Aslam is the lone man standing for India in the mat, Chiyaneh loses his composure and starts arguing with Aslam instead of chanting kabaddi as a blunder costs him two points and India almost sealed their win with the escape. June 30, 2023 12:36 IND 39-32 IRN Chiyaneh goes in the raid and Nitin could not do anything but try for a tackle attempt but he could not stop the Iranian bull! India with only one man on the mat.

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June 30, 2023 12:14 IND 33-15 IRN Chiyaneh in the raid and a mistake from Surjeet as he goes for an early dash cost him his point. June 30, 2023 12:13 IND 33-14 IRN A point for India in defence followed by two points for Pawan in the raid to force a third all-out on Iran! Clinical performance by India. June 30, 2023 12:12 IND 28- 14 IRN Pawan goes in the raid in front of the two-man defence of Amir Ghorbani and Kaboudrahangi but he has been super tackled by the duo as Pawan misses to get his super 10! June 30, 2023 12:11 IND 28-12 IRN Surjeet with another dash to throw Alireza out.

June 30, 2023 11:59 IND 19-8 IRN Saeid Ghaffari has to go out as Pawan escapes his mistimed dash from right to left. June 30, 2023 11:56 IND 18-8 IRN Surjeet! You can’t escape Surjeet hefty blocks! Amir Mohammad has been thrown away from Surjeet when he came deep in the raid. A bonus for Amir, though. June 30, 2023 11:55 Green Card for Pawan Sehrawat Umpire warns Indian captain Pawan Sehrawat and gives him a green card. June 30, 2023 11:55 IND 17-7 IRN Arjun uses the lobby to escape a quick dash from Amir Ghorbani. June 30, 2023 11:54 IND 16-7 IRN Saeid goes deep in the raid and escapes the dash from Parvesh. He asks for a super raid with a bonus but only one touchpoint of Parvesh was given to him. June 30, 2023 11:51 IND 16-6 IRN Arjun Deshwal goes in the raid and he escapes a quick dash of Vahid before Chiyaneh picks up his left leg.

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June 30, 2023 11:10 Warm-up session underway June 30, 2023 11:07 First visuals of India before final! June 30, 2023 11:05 FULLTIME - KOR 95-16 HK Korea ends its campaign with a massive win over Hong Kong as it goes back without winning a single game. June 30, 2023 10:50 Stay tuned for IND vs IRN Moments away from the final clashJune 30, 2023 10:43 HALFTIME - HK 5-48 KOR Korea leads by 43 points at halftime and we are just one half away from India vs Iran finalJune 30, 2023 10:26 HK 2-35 KOR Miserable tournament for the weakest team in the tournament, Hong Kong as Korea is not giving any chance to the men in red. June 30, 2023 10:16 Super raid for Korea Korea #1 Byeon Min Soo takes a four-point raid! June 30, 2023 10:15 HK 0-12 KOR A strong start for the home team Korea as it looks for its first win in the tournament. 12 points lead in the first five minutes of the match.

SUPER RAID for India #22 Arjun as a bonus along with two touchpoints of Shadloui and Vahid was given. June 30, 2023 11:50 IND 13-6 IRN A mistake from Nitin Rawal gives his touchpoint to Amir Mohammad. June 30, 2023 11:49 IND 13-5 IRN Iran’s right corner, #4 Amir Ghorbani tackles Aslam Inamdar to give Iran another point in defence. June 30, 2023 11:48 IND 13-4 IRN Moien Shafaghi was dashed by Surjeet and the lead continues to grow larger.

Hong Kong – Iran: Live score, updates and head

June 30, 2023 12:10 IND 27-12 IRN Amir Mohammad goes for an advance tackle on Aslam, who was way too quick to back on his side of the mat with a touchpoint. June 30, 2023 12:09 IND 26-12 IRN Chiyaneh goes in the raid, and gets a bonus but could not escape this time as Aslam picks his ankle which was followed by powerful dash from Parvesh. June 30, 2023 12:07 IND 25-11 IRN Pawan takes another point in the raid, this time Milad Jabbari has to go out. June 30, 2023 12:06 IND 24-11 IRN The second half is underway and Pawan goes in the raid, he takes a touchpoint and goes into the lobby, Iran protests for no touchpoint and both teams engaged in a verbal brawl.

June 30, 2023 12:24 IND 35-25 IRN Chiyaneh with another touchpoint in the raid and he seems unstoppable now. June 30, 2023 12:22 IND 35-24 IRN High on confidence, Iran tackles Indian captain Pawan now. June 30, 2023 12:21 IND 34-23 IRN What a raid!!! Chiyaneh with a SUPER RAID! He sweeps the Indian team to inflict an all-out on India. Five points in one raid! Game-changing moment of the match. Parvesh Aslam and Nitin Rawal fails to put a stop on Chiyaneh’s run.

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